Amanda Bancroft

I've had many years experience as a performer in theatre, TV, Radio, cabaret and have undertaken most genres of music including classical, musical theatre, pop, rock and jazz. My singing has taken me all over the world and my work has included a national tour with Andy Williams and regular session singing on BBC Radio 2.

my teaching method

I believe that singing is like any instrument and we have to be taught how to use it. The only difference being that each person is completely individual. As a teacher, I work on exercises to strengthen, control and develop the vocals. These include working on breath control and focusing on the core strength of the body, which we need to use in order to support our vocals. My aim is to build up confidence and enable a student to really get to know their own voice and realise their full potential. It is often only then that they find they can use their voice in a way that they never thought possible.

I take on many students who often say ‘I can only sing fast songs’ or ‘I can’t sing high’. This is often not the case; they just haven’t been taught how to use their voices.
— Amanda Bancroft